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Hi!! My name is Ariel. Be warned that my posts tend to be random with a lot of Itachi Uchiha and whatever else I'm currently obsessed with. You will also find a lot of writing stuff here too. Enjoy my randomness!

Last test day! Thank god, I’m so ready to be done with all these tests….


england’s new outfit is really cute


england’s new outfit is really cute

Test day 3 of 4. Luckily I’m almost done, but I have the more difficult tests this week: Chemistry and Math.

My chemistry test is today. I think I finally understand it. So, I should do well today.


Randomly drawing England. 
Yes, it does look like an ad for orange soda. 


Randomly drawing England. 

Yes, it does look like an ad for orange soda. 



I was tagged by king-mateo.

Rule 1. Always post rules
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1. Do you prefer pie or cake. Provide explanation in the space below.  I’m sorry, but I can’t help but laugh at the way you worded this question. It sounds so serious, like one of those short answer questions on tests.

Anyway, I don’t really have a preference. I like them both equally, but I end up eating cake more. Only because we make it more than pies.

2. Do you like the way water tastes where you live?

No, it’s awful. We have a little water filtering pitcher (?) that we fill up and I like that water.

3. How do you organize your book shelf?

Ok, please don’t laugh, but I have a specific way of doing this: I put fiction on the top shelves then I order it alphabetically by title. Next is my manga which is also alphabetized by title. Lastly, I have my reference books, for example: several books on writing, publishing, and editing. It also contains my Norse Mythology book, books on Japanese fashion and my dictionaries. My reference books are not alphabetized at all.

4. Did your parents/guardians teach you any tricks for spelling your own name when you were younger? 

My name is really that hard to spell, but for my middle name is the most difficult part (Kimberlyn) I was told to write Kimberly with an “N” at the end. That’s how I tell people how to spell it still.

5. What is your opinion on birds?

I never really cared about birds until now. I hate them now. My parents have an Amazon parrot who is loud as fuck! And he hates me. I think he’s plotting my death. I fear the day that he gets out of his cage. You may laugh, but I don’t think you realize how big he is. Amazon parrot, google that shit, then you will know why my fear is real.

6. When you make tea or coffee is there a particular way you like to fix it?

I hate coffee. Tea on the other hand, it depends on the tea that I’m drinking. I drink mostly loose leaf tea (Amber spoiled me). For black teas, I usually add milk and sugar. For white and green teas, I usually add honey only. Sometimes I do enjoy a green tea latte though, but that depends on the place I get it from.

7. If you eat instant oatmeal, do you do that thing where you put a plate on top of the bowl and let it steam?

I have never heard of this thing you speak of, Matt. What are you talking about? I do eat instant oatmeal on occasion, but I make it in the microwave.

8. Is there food from your childhood that you know you should find kinda gross but you are so used to the flavor of it you actually prefer it to other things (i.e. fake butter)?

Um… I before I liked sour cream, I would put ranch dressing on my chili or frito pie instead of sour cream. I have no idea where I came up with this idea. I’ll still do this on occasion, but not often.

9. Do you like the way you look with glasses on?

Yes, I’ve always thought that I looked “smarter” with my glasses on.

10. How do you feel about trees?

I don’t really care. They’re great for the environment and all, but that’s about it on my feelings towards them.

11. If you had to name your best friend’s child what would you name them?

I have no idea. On the reverse side though, on of my friends thinks I need to name my daughter Melody.

I don’t have time to come up with questions or tag anyone else. Sorry.

Itachi’s thoughts during episode 85


Original version


What occasion could it be?


The second one from top is without a doubt a tsundere. Third one has the most cunning aura.


Probably an idiot.